Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Money Zen - planning your spending and savings easily

Money Zen is a personal finance manager not just to help track your expenses and incomes, but also help plan your future spending, savings and investment with ease. So when you want to buy something, you can know how much money left for spending, when you want to invest, you can know how much money left for investment. Have a financial peace of mind is just so easy. ►Track expenses and incomes quickly - add a new expense by just: enter an amount, select some tags, tap Save button and a new expense is in your phone - one expense can have multiple tags (e.g. food, milk). -- It is simple and flexible, never face a lot of default categories, and not sure which to select - create as many or as few tags as you like ►See the statistics clearly - quick and intuitive way to see the statistics in certain month, certain year or all time (just like the way of iOS 7’s Calendar app, but invented it earlier than iOS 7) - easily look up exactly how much you have spent on a particular tag - never lost in the history, tap the selected tab bar item again, and you can back to this month’s expenses or this year’s incomes. ►Planning your spending, savings and investment easily - the simplest account structure, using without pressure -- only two virtual accounts: the Savings Account and the Expense Account, the sum of this two accounts is your total money in your real life, but split it to two parts, one for saving and one for spending - every expense will be deducted from the Expense Account -- so you can always know how much money left for spending - if you want to invest your savings: add your investment accounts, and transfer money between the Savings Account and your investment accounts, then the balance of the Savings Account is the money left for your next investment ►Multiple Currencies support - support for 161 currencies - remember your used currencies for quick select - record your real life foreign currency exchange transactions ►Passcode Lock - keep your data private and lock the app with a four digit passcode. Please don’t hesitate to tell me any feedback about this app. email: twitter: @money_zen